Happy To Be Back After Five Years Away 
Sundays at 10pm : Ministry Of Rock
Lemmy Kilmister : 1945 - 2015 
Sundays at 7pm : Davey Jaxx Rock Of Ages
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Marseille live 2011

Nige Performing with Marseille in 2010

Extreme Radio originally launched as a two hour weekly show hosted by myself as part of New Jersey based online Radio station Future Now Radio back in 1999. This was in the early days of internet radio and it was a new format with exciting possibilities. The original format was welcomed, particularly by upcoming new bands, looking for an online outlet and we were one of the first shows to introduce a new band from the UK to a worldwide audience back in 1999………… They went on to do rather well for themselves actually……… They are called MUSE, you may have head of them? 😉

Extreme Radio became a standalone web radio station back in 2002 and we were now starting to come to the attention of most of the great independent rock labels and a few majors as well. Some of our earliest supporters were Wind Up Records in the USA, Century Media Records and Roadrunner Records, who recognized the value of internet radio to as new young web savvy audience and through those labels we were granted interviews with the likes of Slipknot, Nickelback, Creed, Alter Bridge, Evanescence, Within Temptation, Seether, Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Arch Enemy etc. To my mind the most exciting interview I ever did was with the greatly missed Ronnie James Dio who did a memorable phone in interview prior to his UK An Evening With Dio tour in 2005, Ronnie was scheduled to call me at 10pm GMT and due to time differences he ended up calling me at 10pm his time, 5 am in the morning here in the UK, and when he realized he had woken me up he was most apologetic and I asked if he could call back in ten minutes and i’d be ready. I was really unsure if he’d call but right on cue he rang back and I had been granted a 20 minute time slot which stretched to an hour and then after the interview had finished we chatted for a further 20 minutes off air about real ale and our favourite beers, Ronnie was a huge real ale fan 😉

It truly was an exciting period and I was privileged to go backstage and meet many of my heroes and get a glimpse of what it was like and it fed my own hunger to resurrect a failed rock star career of my own and I actually ended up joining the reformed NWOBHM band Marseille  in 2009 and recorded an ep and an album with them. Indeed by the time I joined the band there was a newly emerging network of digital and FM rock radio stations that were appearing and I felt Extreme Radio had now served it’s purpose as the music we love had now claimed it’s rightful place on regular radio and we could listen to great rock in our cars on the way to and from work. I decided to take Extreme Radio off air in mid 2010 and it was only quite recently that i was listening to one of the aforementioned stations and I thought that there is still a niche for new music and certain bands never seem to get much airplay so here we are again from mid December 2015 we are back on air doing what we do and let’s see where it takes us?

Enjoy the ride

Nige Roberts